Wednesday, 12 February 2014

MI5 fail to recruit local Republican!

Tuesday 10/2/2014 A member of Republican Sinn Fein in Craigavon was on his way to work this morning in Craigavon, when he was approached by an RUC man on the outskirts of the Drumbeg estate. The RUC man told the RSF member "There is someone looking to talk to you" The RSF member asked "Who wants to talk to me" no sooner had he said the words when suddenly two men emerged from a lane, they had been in a car which was observed by the RSF member. The spooks began by asking the RSF member how work was and tried to engage him in banal conversation. At no time did the RSF member answer the men, instead he remained silent. One of the spooks then grabbed the RSF members keys from his car ignition, when the RSF member protested at this treatment one of the men said "look xxxxxx we need your help, and you can meet us anywhere, we will look after you" one of the men proceeded to offer the RSF member money, which he mentioned could be thousands of pounds. The RSF member demanded his keys were returned and told the spooks to "f%&k away off". The men became angry and threw the keys at the RSF member along with a piece of paper which had a telephone number on it. The men along with the uniformed RUC men then left the scene quickly. The RSF member was left with no doubt that the men who approached him were MI5 agents. It is imperative that the public are vigilant for those actively trying to recruit paid informers, if you are approached like this our advice is to contact your solicitor and log the incident.

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