Sunday, 23 June 2013

IAF2013: International delegate held at Belfast Airport

Republican Sinn Féin condemn the actions of MI5 against one of the international delegates to the Irish Anti-imperialist Forum 2013 in Belfast on her way to the Forum. One of the delegates, Sukriye Akar, was stopped at 1:40 pm on Friday, June 14, at the Belfast International Airport.

Following the passport control she was approached by two plain cloths men who identified themselves as police officers and took her with them. No reason was given. She was questioned for up to four hours about her intended trip to Belfast, her stay and the reasons for attending the IAF2013. Her laptop, USB-Sticks and mobile phone were taken off her. She also had some copies of the movie “F-Type Film” with her.  RSF had intended a screening of the film on political prisoners in Turkey as part of the programme of the IAF2013 on Saturday evening. These DVDs were taken as well. Before leaving the room one of the men said to her: “Let’s hope you get your laptop back and we let you out of the country.”

Sukriye Akar, a German and Turkish citizen, travelled to Belfast to attend the Irish Anti-imperialist Forum 2013 as a representative of the Turkish political organisation Halk Cephesi. Republican Sinn Féin immediately established contact to a solicitor. While comrade Akar was allowed to collect her belongings on her way back, Republican Sinn Féin condemn these attempted intimidation of a political activist on her way to a political conference in Belfast.

The stopping and questioning of Sukriye Akar at the Belfast International Airport was just the last attempt by the English and Irish government to disrupt the preparations of the Irish Anti-imperialist Forum. The Forum was intended as a platform of various Irish and international speakers to discuss political alternatives to corrupt imperialist system of the G8 and its puppets in Stormont and Leinster House.

Some delegates, who had planned to address the Irish Anti-imperialist Forum and the annual Bodenstown commemoration in Sallins, Co. Kildare, were barred from entering Ireland. Among these were Badrul Alam and Abdul Naser of the Bangladesh Krishok Federation and Leonid Savin, a political activist from Russia. No visas to Ireland were granted for these three political activists.
Furthermore, while activists gathered on the Falls Road to hold a White Line Picket for Republican Prisoners, four RUC/PSNI men entered the Conway Mill through a back door and searched the premises where the IAF2013 was held.

Republican Sinn Féin condemn all the harassment and intimidation against republicans and Anti-G8-protesters during so-called Operation Sponsor by the British RUC/PSNI, Gardaí, MI5 and other sections of the English and Free State intelligence service. All these actions could not stop republicans and protesters to hold a successful IAF2013 in Belfast and successful protests all over Belfast, the 6 Counties and Dublin.

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