Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Policing is not 'normal' in the Six-Counties

Once again the RUC/PSNI would have us believe that policing in Newry, and throughout the British occupied six counties is normal, an ordinary part of everyday life in an ordinary British society.

For a carefully staged British propaganda piece in the Newry Press recently, they visited several local nightclubs. All of this accompanied by carefully posed photographs. Interestingly the charges against a local Newry man include the offence of photographing police.

Supposedly however, the cops are now ‘neighbourhood’ or ‘community’ police. All of this propaganda is news to Republicans, who are the daily target of harassment and intimidation from these same cops, for the crime of resisting British rule in Ireland. The purpose of this spin is very obvious to us in Republican Sinn Fein; hide the fact that the primary purpose of policing in Ireland is the maintenance of British rule.

Bemoaning the death of a police officer, a sergeant notes that “they attacked the uniform”. Precisely, responsibility for the death of any police officers rests squarely with the British government, and those who help to maintain their rule here.

We in the Joe Conway/ Brendan Watters Cumann, Republican Sinn Fein, know the pain of losing loved ones to the conflict here in Newry and throughout Ireland. None of these deaths are necessary if Britain declares its intention to leave Ireland for good. This, not the phoney ‘peace process’ of the Belfast agreement, is the key to lasting peace here, and real, community, neighbourhood, policing. 


Joe Conway / Brendan Watters Cumann,
RSF Newry, Co.  Down

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