Friday, 15 February 2013


The concerted campaign of victimisation by the Northern Ireland Prison Service against Martin Corey continues. On Monday the 11th of February 2013, Martin and two other prisoners submitted completed handcraft projects as St, Valentine’s Day gifts for their wives and partners. The other two prisoners had visits on Tuesday the 12th of February; their loved ones went to the collection point and received their items that were 24 hours after they were collected from the prisoners in Roe House 3.

Today, Thursday the 14th of February 2013, Martin had a visit from his partner, after the visit she went to the collection point as requested by Martin. She was told by prison Staff that there was no items for collection, and to call back next week.
Last week, Martin completed a complaints form on the wing to be delivered to the Prison Ombudsman concerning several items that were left in for him three weeks ago, which he never received. It is Prison Ombudsman’s policy that the prisoner receives notification within 24 hours that the complaint has been received. Today, Thursday the 14th of February, Martin has still not received notice that his complaint has been delivered to the Prison Ombudsman.

Martin made an emergency request three weeks ago to see the prison dentist concerning a tooth broken at gum level; he only got to see the dentist yesterday the 13th February. He was told his initial request had been cancelled due to lack of transport.

I have contacted Martin’s legal team and request they contact the Northern Ireland Prison Service and Prison Ombudsman for an explanation.

This blatant campaign of victimisation must be highlighted.

Jim McIlmurray

(On behalf of Martin Corey)

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