Thursday, 21 February 2013

Bloody Sunday compensation offer a 'distraction'

ON February 18 Kate Nash, sister of William Nash shot dead in Derry on Bloody Sunday, January 30, 1972 described the offer of £50,000 compensation as a 'distraction'.

She said the compensation office was a stalling tactic by the British Ministry of Defence and that the families want prosecutions of the soldiers responsible for the killings.

“To me that is more important, I am not interested in money,” she said. “It is a distraction from the real issue which is ending impunity and getting the soldiers to court.

“We also have an ongoing police investigation and I don't know how that is progressing but I will be finding out very soon. I am not remotely interested in money, not now, and even after prosecutions, we are not interested in money.”

Thirteen people died when members of the parachute regiment of the British army opened fire on civilians during a civil rights march in Derry in 1972. A fourteenth person died later.

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