Monday, 10 December 2012

Majority want a United Ireland

On November 28 the Irish Times published the results of an Ipsos MRBI 50th anniversary survey which showed that a substantial majority of people would like to see a United Ireland. 

One striking feature of the poll is a less partitionist attitude now than in 1987.  At that stage when asked what constituted the Irish Nation 38 per cent said the 26 counties and 56 per cent said the 32 counties with 6 per cent having no opinion.
In 2012 the proportion saying the 32 counties has remained exactly the same at 56 per cent.  But the number saying the 6 counties has dropped to 27 per cent while the number with no opinion has jumped to 18 per cent.
Sixty-four per cent of people stated they wanted to see a united Ireland and the number saying they would prefer not to see a united Ireland has halved to eight per cent since 1987.
Sixty-nine per cent of people say they would still favour a united Ireland even if they had to pay more in taxation to support it.  Just 20 per cent said they would not favour unity in those circumstances while 11 per cent had no opinion.
Article taken from the December 2012 edition of SAOIRSE: Irish Freedom, The Voice of the Republican Movement which is available from both of the Republican Sinn Féin offices and also from your local member or Cumann of RSF.

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