Friday, 9 November 2012

Keep away from the graves of the Hunger Strikers

Republican Sinn Féin wish to point out to the nationalist & republican community in Newry & Armagh the hypocrisy of the provisional British minister Conor Murphy. 

On this the historic 31st Anniversary of the 1981 Hunger Strikes British minister Murphy chose unashamedly to stand at the grave of Oglach Raymond McCreesh from Camlough, South Armagh to remind his hand picked flock and send it to local press the sacrafice of the Hunger Strikers. He mentioned that without men like Raymond mcCreesh Republican Prisoners of War would have continued suffering unbearable conditions in gaol.

That much we in RSF agree with but what Murphy & his ilk in the provisionals don't tell the general public is that he and his party signed away political status that was won on the backdrop of Raymond McCreesh & his 9 brave comrades deaths.
The heroic Hunger Strikers of 1981 would be turning in their graves at what we are witnessing in maghaberry today, to see Republican POWs living in their own squalor with long hair & beards.
This is 2012 not 1981 but the British backed provisionals are telling & selling the lie that there are no more Republican POWs and that the war is over and the Brits have gone away.

We have seen recently Lurgan Republican Damian Mckenna refused compassionate leave from Maghaberry POW camp to attend the funeral of his father and now Political Hostage Martin corey has been refused compassionate leave to attend his brothers funeral.

We in Republican Sinn Fein will continue to expose the lies and the hypocrisy of the provisionals and we tell them now to keep away from the graves of the Hunger Strikers and stop tarnishing their memory as it is now plain to see yous lived off the backs of these 10 men for your own personal political careers.

Joe conway/ Brendan Watters Cumann
Republican SINN FÉIN Poblachtach,
Newry, Co. Down.

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