Thursday, 11 October 2012

British Army Recruitment Attempts Condemned

In a statement on September 15 the Joe Conway/Brendan Watters Cumann, Republican Sinn Féin, Newry said they wished to put on record their “total disgust at the recruitment campaign which has been launched in Newry by the British army”.

Republican Sinn Féin spokesperson Oliver White raised concerns of the advertisements which have been placed in the Hill Street and Monaghan Street areas of Newry calling on Irish men and women to join the Forces of Occupation in countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq and here at home in Ireland to name but a few.

He continued: “We in Republican Sinn Féin Newry and indeed throughout the country see this as a blatant attempt by the British forces to prey on the vulnerable unemployed members of this country to join with them in occupying additional countries through the barrel of the gun.

“We call on the local council to remove these advertisements immediately, because if you don't you are implicit in sending young Irishmen and women most likely to their deaths at the behest of the British establishment.”

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